Newspaper In Education (NIE)

What Is Newspaper In Education?

Newspaper in Education, NIE, is an international program that began in 1955, introducing the use of newspapers in school classrooms. The main purpose of the program is to improve reading, writing and spelling abilities.

There is substantial evidence that using newspapers in schools contributes to students' reading skills, writing skills, and current event knowledge.

Literacy experts believe that adults with low literacy levels lack a sufficient foundation of basic skills to function successfully in our society.

By providing schools with newspapers, Heritage Newspapers and NIE sponsors can help turn illiteracy around when students are in their formative years. Newspapers open the world to these students of all ages, giving them awareness and a better chance to succeed.

Teachers use the newspapers as textbooks and supplements in areas such as reading, writing, math, science, history, economics, language arts, special education, English as a second language and more. The newspaper can be incorporated into nearly any classroom subject and grade level from kindergarten to adult education.

Newspapers are considered the most up-to-date, inexpensive textbook available to students. The skills gained from regular newspaper exposure make each student a better learner, a better problem-solver, and a better leader.

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